Here is a 1966 Corvair Corsa.  This car is owned by Steve Gongora.  The restoration includes a rebuilt motor by my friend Tarmo Sutt of Santa Fe and a new interior look for a car with classic lines.  The Recaro seats have been upholstered with red leather.  The doors have handles and map pockets from a 320 series BMW.  The foam was sculptured to match the design and flow of the interior.  Many other hidden additions include a center console from a Ford Ranger Pickup, map lights from a 94 Chrysler LeBaron and dome light from a Cavalier.  The mirrors are from a 78 Oldsmobile Cutlass. The sound system was engineered from Driver's Den to give you a concert sound performance.


1962 Rampside - This truck was given a lease on life as Bob Slusher bought this truck from two sisters planning on making the truck a memorial garden for their father who had passed on.  The state was Oregon.  Bob eventually sold the truck to Mark Domzalski.  Mark took on a job in Los Alamos and drove it to New Mexico.  I got the truck from Mark and have been driving it since 2002.  After nine years it was finally painted at Maaco on Mcleod.  They did a fantastic job and it is an award winner.  I completed the interior with leather.  A silver strip of leather was ordered from a Corvette manufacturer to match the silver glove box.  Extra storage compartments were added to the cushion and rear of the lean back to compensate for the smaller cab area.  It is a treasure to drive.  The truck was selected for the cover a worldwide club CORSA dedicated for the preservation of the Corvairs.  It was selected as well for the Snap-On calendar for the year 2013.

Here are a couple of websites dedicated to this particular Rampside.

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