Avenger Movie for 2012

House of Covers was selected for work in the Avenger Movie filmed here in Albuquerque.  Joel Klaff contacted us and we cut and sewed 70 pieces of leather together to be attached to 15 panels.  The seams were top stitched on both sides also known as a "French Seam". The panels were routed to accept the area where the seams lay, for a completely smooth panel.  The panels were used for the Tony Stark "Ironman" Penthouse scene.  The panels were very prominent in the movie.

Known for his work in many movies, Joel Klaff, Draper, was  part of the Oscar-winning design team for "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." His other film credits include "Ray," "Empire Falls," "Dreamer," "All the Kings Men," and "Public Enemies." Joel is also a multi-talented artist who has been exhibited widely.

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