The movie "Elvis Has Left the Building" began filming in September 2003.  The star Kim Basinger is starring in the interesting film in New Mexico.  The 55 Cadillac belongs to Jean Stokes in Corrales, NM.  She gave the movie crew permission to alter the car to suit the movie's need.  The car was transformed from a red car to a pink car.  The interior was changed to white.

As the transformation completed on the 55 Cadillac, the production crew were looking for a 1973 Cadillac for the movie.  It just so happens we had completed a top on a 73 Cadillac as the 55 Cadillac was being prepared.  The car belongs to Ken Sturm of Santa Fe. They said that they needed this car for the movie.  The Production Company paid for the 73 Cadillac to be updated for the film.

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